Wild Films ~ Ethiopia Rising: Red Terror to Green Revolution

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
  • Library Hall
thiopia is rarely on our TV screens unless it’s news of drought and famine.

A film by Mark Dodd – official selection 2017 International Wildlife Film Festival!

Ethiopia is rarely on our TV screens unless it’s news of drought and famine. But this film tells a different story – a story of restored life and renewed hope. This is the story of the phenomenal environmental transformation of a nation told through the experience of one man, Aba Hawi, who mobilized an entire community to regenerate the surrounding hillsides, and in so doing saved his village from certain extinction. Using dramatic reconstruction and documentary footage it shows what is possible when the people from a remote village in the far north of the country decide to stay on and transform their land.

Run time: 1 hour

WILD FILMS AT THE LIBRARY is a free series of award-winning international wildlife films selected from the International Wildlife Film Festival. The International Wildlife Film Festival was established in 1977 in Missoula, Montana with a mission to promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of wildlife, habitat, people and nature through excellence in film, television and other media.